IsleOBama Parrothead Club, Montgomery, Alabama
Isleobama Parrothead Club, Montgomery, Alabama
Meetings are 6:00 PM on the 3rd Thursday Check the calendar for details.

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Welcome to the IsleO'Bama Parrot Heads Clubs web site,

the online home of parrot heads from Montgomery and surrounding cities.

As the name suggests, we are the official "Parrot Heads in Paradise"

chartered club for the central region of AL.

1. noun: A rare specimen of non-conformists that is an apparently normal person that in reality is a restless dreamer and wild wanderer. Possessing a creative imagination and pure gypsy soul, their dress consists of delightful yet creative and comfortable clothing mainly of Colorful Caribbean design. Diet consist of Cheeseburgers and Margaritas.
2. noun: A devotee of the music and life style of Jimmy Buffet.
Jimmy Buffett, the originator of "Caribbean, drunk, rock-n-roll" A true sound of his own. Jimmy Buffett has found various outlets for his creativity; "MUSIC", "BOOKS", and "LYRICS".

If you're not familiar with Parrot Heads and Parrot Head Clubs, you may be wondering who we are and what we do. A lot of people think parrot heads are a bunch of drunken, beer-swilling louts who do nothing but dream of living in the islands and who pass out on the lawn at Buffett concerts. Ok, so we are; but we're more than that.

We're just a bunch of people from all walks of life who like the music, lifestyle (whether real or imagined), and attitude toward living of Jimmy Buffett. We also sponsor or participate in numerous community and charitable events throughout the community.

We also meet regularly for happy hours (the third Thursday of each month). See our main page or our calendar for our next meeting. We also plan events and go on those wonderful road trips to see our parrothead friends from other clubs, and of course to see Mr. Buffett and other Buffett style bands.


Our purpose, To bring together those people in our community who enjoy Jimmy Buffett's music, understand the wisdom of the tropical spirit and desire to leave something positive behind. Our club is open to anyone with the tropical spirit and the desire to contribute to the betterment of our community.


Our Bylaws



ParrotHeads in Paradise

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